How secure is your home?

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Burglaries and break ins are more common now than they have been before, and this means that a number of people have found their homes have been broken into and their property stolen. At the end of 2017 burglary was the 5th most common crime in England and Wales, with over 35,000 burglaries being reported each month. Having someone break in can cause a huge amount of stress and worry, which is why it’s important to take measures to cut down on the chances of it happening. Despite home security systems and alarms being better than ever, burglars are still able to gain access. Often, this is through an unsecure access point or an unlocked window or door. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your home is as secure as possible.

What Makes a Home Secure?

Whether you live in a small bungalow or a large terraced house, it’s important that you take the correct steps to make your home secure at all times. Even if you consider your home to be in a safe area, there’s always the chance of a break in happening. A lot of people assume burglars are on the lookout for open doors or wide open windows, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are a number of other ways someone could gain access to your home. Burglars may use the following areas to break in:

Front Door
People underestimate the amount of burglaries that happen through the front door of UK homes.  It is easy to assume that the most public facing door on the house would be safe, but this is actually the most common entry point for UK burglars.  40% of all burglaries involve forced entry and the front door is usually the most common point for this.

Back Door
Opportunist thieves will generally check every door and window on a property to see if you have unfortunately left one of them unlocked or even open.  Usually at the back of a property, this gives thieves a good chance to take their time to try and open doors or force entry, without any passers-by seeing what they are doing.

Many older windows are very easy to force entry through.  Over the years thieves have found ways to force older windows open, remove frames and even simply break single pane glass.  This has made windows another of the main entry points for burglars.  Upgrading to modern windows, made from either uPVC or even aluminium windows, can make a huge difference to the security of your home.

As with windows, single pane glass can be easily smashed and although this can be noisy, this is a fairly common means for break-ins around the UK.  Older conservatories do not have as advanced security for the windows and doors and new, modern conservatories would have and this weakness can make them another hot target for criminals.

Patio Doors
There are so many different styles of patio doors these days, from the classic French Doors through to the latest Slide & Swing Doors. Usually placed on the back of a property, these doors can also be a main entry point for burglars.  Again, it is the case that older patio doors do not have the modern locking technology or double-glazed glass to stop wannabe thieves forcing entry.  It is also a common mistake that people think it is OK to “hide” a key for their patio doors behind their home.  This is great for helping you gain entry to your home if you lock yourself out, it is also an early Christmas present for burglars though, with no hiding place to smart for most opportunist thieves.

Ensuring each of the above are up to date and have great, modern security installed on them is a good way to keep your home safe and sound. Upgrading to Aluminium windows can offer a fantastic level of protection from burglars and break-ins. Aluminium windows are extremely strong and they come with strong, modern security; this isn’t the case with all types of windows. This level of security and durability is what makes Aluminium windows a popular choice for many homeowners around the UK.

Home Security is Always Important

When it comes to keeping your home secure, it’s important to ensure all possible access points are locked whenever you are not at home. Though it could be tempting to leave a small window open or the back door unlocked if you’re popping out, this creates the ideal opportunity for someone to break in. By ensuring your home is secure, you’re cutting down the chances of a burglar gaining entry.


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